Hydroculaire® is an innovative and effective product taken orally composed of standardized extract of Aristotelia Chilensis (Maquibright®) which help stimulates the regeneration and production of normal lacrimal fluid, and zinc a mineral that is present in high concentrations in the eyes and contributes to the maintenance of normal vision under normal conditions. The normalization and increased of lacrimal fluid production helps to improve the symptoms associated with the lack of ocular lubrication, such as: eye irritation, blurred vision, photosensitivity and many others.

Hydroculaire® is especially indicated for people suffering from dry eye syndrome, although it can also be used by people who suffer from dry eyes due to other reasons, such as unfavorable environmental conditions, heaters, air conditioning and the use of computers or contact lenses.

Hydroculaire® helps to increase ocular hydration thanks to the standardized extract of Aristotelia Chilensis (Maquibright®), which acts on the lacrimal glands, reversing the atrophy and increasing the formation of tear fluid.